City News Turn 11

Shock for City as Trystan Declared Ruler

In a political move which has shocked many citizens, Trystan Ashbourne has declared himself the ruler and lawmaker of the City, with the Council as assistant rulers. He has set up the dragon Cuddles as the new symbol of the City. Many believe this will bring stability to the City, but others are not so sure.

The New City, The New Circus

Visit the City of Light, hours of fun for all the family, all under one roof!

Roderick Alonzo, dissatisfied with the current quality of Neverdark has begun several endeavors to make it a true rival of the old City.

Officially, neverdark is now known as The City of Lights. Its inner caverns now filled with the lights of a hundred workers busy painting, repaving, and repairing the city with colorful stonework that may well rival the sculptures of Cyrus.

The greatest construction by far is a huge 'Tower of Light' in the centre of the city. This tower is being build atop one of Roderick's famous bathhouses, with a strange coiling funnel running from the tip down into the main pool.

Historical walks, and 'Haunted' tours are being prepared, along with numerous sideshows and attractions to suit all tastes. The word is that when completed, it will dwarf the petty shows provided by the Circus.

Also of note are the new Hall and offices created by Trystan Ashbourne from the ruins of the old castle belonging formerly to the Necromancer.

The Gyroscape Project

Without Sarenn and Choth's Gyroscape, its not pleasant to think where the City would be now. Quick thinking citizens responded to the Neverdark come City-of-Lights collision by putting the half finished cogworkings to use. This combatted the heavy list the collision put the two colony sized fragments under, but at great cost to the mechanism.

The news is not all bad. Navigator Chtaam has commented that the collision provided 'unparalelled data sets', suggesting that the collision was coincidentally an important step to completing the Gyroscape.

The Metal Man

Werner D' Cagliostro's odd fragment has recently seen the sight of a large man made of metal. Could this be the Big Giant Head we have all heard so much about? Reportedly, when it first appeared the fragment began to fall into the mists (like everything around here), and would have been doomed were it not for the metal man swinging around to the fragment's underside and punching it upwards and to relative safety.

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