City News - Turn 10

Neverdark - The Rennovations are complete

The rubble has been swept up. The walkways have been made safe. The Geomantic googlies have been de-googlfied. The zombies have been beheaded. The macabre twisted remains of adventures have been pushed under the rug. Working toilets have been installed. Doilies have been hung on the more sinister bits.

What was once the home of a dread necromance the likes of which the world has never known… Is now fit for human habitation.

Intaglio Deep, Roderick Alonso and Werner D' Cagliostro have continued work bringing the city of Neverdark into a state acceptable for a new set of colnists from the city to inhabit. The trio have also brought the two cities close together. Neverdark now floats above and alongside the city, waiting for the colonisation process to begin.

Mysterious Benefactor

A number of presents of foodstuffs, ale, board games, banners and other decorations, have made it to the surface of the City, in a new type of aid. The source of the gifts is unknown, but it is certainly lifting the spirits of the surface dwellers.

The Powderkeg

More casualties as some of the more aggravated parts of the City Come to blows once more over the tough political situation

“They expect me, Duke Zanzibar III, who has lived in this wing of the City for the last 80 years to move into that decrepit pit called Neverdark? Not bloody Likely.”

Only the actions of Trystan Ashborne and his bone soldiers are holding back the tide of violence currently. While neverdark nears completion, the citizens still await answers.

Who will lead them?

Who will be forced to move?

What will happen to Valk and the Tillermen?

Boring News

Work has begun both inside and outside the city to build a 'well'. The hole is being bored in the Amalfi holdings, and is intended to be bored straight through the the outside, aligned by The Alonzo and the Crystal Collective. The purpose of this 'bottomless well' is as yet unclear, but hardly the most unusal structure for either engineer.

The Alonzo Scrubitorium

A very unstable ferryman fragment arrived today, depositing several tons of rock, and one Trystan Ashborne. The substance, Ooltic limestone, was then laboriously transported to newly constructed Thermae, now complete with a small plaque explaining the substance.

“Ooltic limestone - This is a rare porous stone that contains a lot of minerals for healthy skin. An easy way to expose the minerals is to immerse the stone in water, which through a chemical reaction is heated to a pleasant bathing temperature.”

Cautious of anything the disaster prone engineer produces, citizens were slow to venture into the baths, but so far its been a huge hit!


  • A Union representative was turned away.
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