City News - Turn 1

Space to Rent

A place for one single clan has cleared up within the city. Who will take it? No doubt there will be several vying for it. Surface dwellers are advised to watch out for prospective citizens visiting to take a look, and prospective citizens visiting to take a look are advised to watch out for surface dwellers.

Recent Attacks

Clans within the city and on its surface have recently come under attack. Due to some confusion, these were initially thought to be the work of the Black Lightning, the Union's name for The Dystopian, but it has since been determined that they are in fact due to nothing but a handful of ruffians out to harm the city and its society, going by the name of the Black Lightning Crew. Those of a marshal nature are asked to seek out and destroy them.


The King of Copper really likes his copper.

The Union doesn't like the city because it's grown beyond them.

There is no cow warehouse.

The Black Lightning Crew are the minions of The Dystopian.

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