Takhai - Jonathan R

takhai@brokenworld.chaosdeathfish.com A Zwerginn machinist of good rapport.

Clan: Sentinels of Transcension


A Sample Lecture from the Department of Geomancy in the Temple University

“The use of Spires as defensive weapons has a long and somewhat notorious history, as the pioneer of the use of such devices was none other than Takhai of the Storm Knights - put it away, Miss Sedlak. Mr Alonso, do you have something to share with the whole class? No? Then I'll continue. Takhai of the Storm Knights, who used Spires with great effect during the War which led ultimately to the creation of the world we know today. Despite the stories glorified in the popular press, and in particular the many rumours surrounding the suspicious death of Catequil of the Adventuring Party, Takhai was an outstanding geomancer and this is NOT an excuse for you to carve his name into the desk, Lady Ashbourne!

Today, Spires are more frequently used to stabilise fragments before they are brought into the New World, ensuring the stability of the mega-fragment on which the majority of us live, and proving that Takhai's legacy was not entirely evil. For these reasons, the University rejects the tradition of burning an effigy of Takhai to celebrate Dominus Mundi Day…

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