Serianiamai - James G

Abbess of the Sisters of Trilliililili, a Hareppi religious organisation dedicated to spreading the message of love and peace (particularly love of the interspecies kind) across the Broken World. Known for their outrageous parties and tolerance for most possible kinds of sexual activity.


The Best Party Ever

As war rocked the world, as mad fugitives destroyed entire fragments, as the last of the old guard were crushed and a new world order put in their place, there was one group that just didn't care; the Sisters of Trillililli and their guests. The spectacle of inebriation, debauchery and excess went on for almost a full season, with small breaks to form into barely coherent expeditionary parties and raid the Union and the City for canapes, alcoholic beverages and yet more guests.

Parked by the Dixie temple, there were enough drugs for all to get completely off their faces, and that was before the font of infinate ale was wheeled out. At some point in the proceedings (people are hazy when), the great wedding occured, uniting Ella May, Blacknails, the King of Winter, and Burton Twolegs; Clintina and Orellius were unfortunately otherwise occupied due to a prior arrangement with justice. As the jazz played, the vows were said, and the party promptly became a great deal more… intimate. As the season progressed, the nights blurred into one ever-changing celebration of everything life had to offer; and they meant everything.

The morning after the season before, the party guests are carefully placed back on whatever ramins of their home fragments by the nuns, who seem to possess titanic levels of endurance and alcohol tolerace. That final duty done, the flying monastery left the Four Colonies, not to return for a long, long time.

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