Segue Tyr - Paul F

Segue was raised by the Amalfi Clan, founders of the Renaisse trading network. He rapidly earned himself a reputation as an adventurer, seeking out lost treasures, new clans, ancient wisdoms, and importantly, securing trade deals for the Renaisse.

Segue should be contacted for information on Outsider and Nomadic clans, acquisition of rare items and exciting foreign travel opportunities. He’s also obliged to talk trade should anyone pester him about that.

Clan: Clan Tyr


The Amalfi

With the execution of their temple representative under such severe crimes, the Amalfi had little reason not to divorce themselves from Segue Tyr Completely. Nomadic by nature, they finally decided it was time to move on from the City, becoming one of the Rennaise travelling families, and leaving behind many questions and puzzles in thier quarters.

The Twins Who Clothed the Stormlight

In contrast, the enfantir enclave that Segue helped foster proved more loyal to his memory. Once the subtle war they were fighting came to an end, they petitioned to have Segues' body gifted to them for burial among the enclave's new home, somewhere on the mega-fragment.

Some say that Segue never died, and somehow managed to escape into the world of dreams. Indeed the college notes many stories of dreams where a shadowy figure half converses with the slumberer, and yet eats them at the same time… but dreams are hardly relevant, are they?

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