Sarin the Seeker - Jonathan H.

Sarin is the Fallen's troubleshooter, called in when the situation gets risky, uncomfortable, or just plain weird. Nobody knows the true extent of his skills, but he hasn't failed a mission yet.

Clan Apscray


For One Night Only

“And tonight, ladies and gentlemen, performing for one night only, the one, the only… Sivle!”

*crowd cheers*

“Splendid, splendid. Surely you will swoon at the sound of this starting song. A serenade soaring straight through the soul…”

Excerpt From a Report on the Fallen

…following the almost utter destruction of the Fallen fragment by Orellius Guar and Arbiter Kalanar. Some of the Fallen not subsequently accounted for include:

Syndicator Schneider - The mysterious strategic commander of the Fallen Militia and their stealth operatives, suspected of involvement in the theft of Testament from Union property.

Saleth Hadran - One of the Beastmen who had previously been suspected…

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