Roderick Alonso - Alan M

An architect and engineer, living on the City surface after unspecified indiscretions within the City.

Clan: Clan Antso


This is a route alteration announcement from the Alonzo rail division.

“The 12:15 service to the City of Lights, calling at… Varuja, GPU Test Station 1, Dryfields, Rosewater, Sedlak and The City of Lights… is changing routes. It will now depart from Spoke 3 to Milliners. People travelling to Varuja please await further instructions. All other passengers please proceed to Spoke 3 for immediate boarding. Alonso Rail would like to apologise for the delay to your journey. This is caused by Aggressive Iron Redux on the spoke. Please be assured that shamans are already working to placate the problem.”

“Those bound for the City of Lights, please note that the city has already been contacted by stormcom, and a free visit to the Bath House has been arranged in compensation for your arrival.”

“We would also like to remind passengers to remain seated while the monorail traverses the spoke, and to report any sightings of spiders or unattended cats to the nearest Rail Operative. Please have your pass stone ready for inspection on arrival”

“Thank you for travelling with Alonso Rail, and have a nice day.”

"An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Fragments" - by Roderick Alonso

..The wealth of a Fragment is directly related to the materials it produces and how these are manufactured and sold. It would be pointless to produce iron bars on a fragment without iron ore or without the help of an iron spirit, as importing the raw material would decrease the possible benefits of the finished product. Similarly, selling clothes and coats amongst the beastmen has no purpose, for there is no demand for such items amongst them. The old merchants and their guilds selling locally-produced items and peddling their merchandise from fragment to frgament is not fully productive either. The key for a high benefit is an effective production. Producing goods in bulk is not only cheap but also very profitable, because it will allow to produce a big stock that can be sold at affordable prices, thus making commodities accessible to all. Fishing bears has not proved benefitial yet, but considering how easily they can be produced, it could still…

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