Pineapple is a truth-teller, prophet and the Pope of the Church of the Truth. Though phytarin, she and her clan, the Naranjos Amigos, dwell amongst the Beastmen of the Fallen.

As Pope, Pineapple is qualified to convert and baptise all who rejoice in the new order of God.

Pineapple calls all who are worthy souls to share in the joy of knowledge and the uplifting nature of the true faith. She exhorts all to open their minds and be amazed. She delights in sharing the bounties of faith with others, especially the hearty menfolk who can take it back to their homelands.

All who fear the future should come to her and all who wish to know their place in the coming times and worlds can hear the truth of their fate from the lips of her and her clan. She is as of yet unmarried but is open to offers by faithful men and true, though she is a saint.

As part of the office responsible for integrating clans into the Union, Nico is a great representative of the Union; polite, efficient and mindful of the correct procedures for every task.

Clan: citranos

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