Orellius Guar - Oliver S.


Orellius is a diplomat with the unsullied’s Cabal of Circumspection and a firm believer in the Fallen’s quest for posthumanity for the benefit of all. He has worked on a great many diplomatic missions to other colonies and always tries to be friendly and helpful. He is always interested in those who are masters of their particular profession since they may be of great help in the other Fallen’s quest for the secrets of posthumanity.

Clan: Cabal of Circumspection


Psychiatric Help

Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, and possibly reclaim a friend, Evelyn Minver and Intaglio Deep made their way into the Union prison. Evelyn must guide Intaglio through the corridors, as Intaglio's complete attention is focussed on holding onto all the Mist held within him. As the Marshal opens the door Orellius scrambles up from his bed, and laughing hysterically tries to launch himself at the guests. The Marshal smartly steps in front, knocking him to the ground and restraining him. Dismay is evident in Evelyn's eyes at the state of her friend, and she quickly motions for Intaglio to start the ritual.

Panic seems to fill Orellius's mind as Intaglio extends tendrils of Mist towards him. He grasps for them with his own mind, and almost seems to succeed, but then something snaps within his mind and he falls unconscious. Quickly Intaglio sets to work, shifting through layer after layer of memories to try and find the point where his friend was taken over by the Mists. Deeper and deeper he goes, all the way back to childhood, but ever present is the voice in the Mists, and the conviction that the Broken World was never meant to be and had to pulled down into the Mists. Eventually he's forced to give up, and recognise that Orellius was in the Mist Mind's sway all along.

Saddened by that revelation, Evelyn urges Intaglio to push on with the ritual anyway. Quickly Intaglio works to shore up the damage done to Orellius' mind by the Mists, try and block its influence on him, and instil within him a great sense of guilt about his actions. That done, Orellius falls into a deep sleep.

Life Imprisonment

Though Orellius was now feeling great regret for his actions, all involved knew how artificial those feelings were. Orellius was kept in the prison for the rest of his life, though he received regular visits from Evelyn Minver throughout. He would eventually pass away in a comfortable cell, having been provided with everything he asked for except his freedom, and access to the Mists.

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