Oleg Slavo - Fed K


A trader loosely affiliated with the Guild, specialising in inter-colony trading on his skyship The Misthorse.

Clan: Misthorse


Arrest and Release

From Chapter 6 of Oleg Slavo: Master Trader or Master Spy?

As the season drew to a close and the Storm Knight threat was gone for good, the Union made their move, impounding the Misthorse and arresting all within her. The crew were treated well, out of respect for services to the Union, but Captain Slavo spent many days in the interview rooms with the Postmistress and General Deepcut. No records of what was said and agreed upon exist, but upon his eventual release Oleg was somewhat more restrained, keeping his business affairs completely above board and restricted in scope. As time passed and whatever incident prompted the arrest became longer and longer ago, Oleg regained his entrepeneurial drive, creating great profits, spreading networks of trade contacts and rising within the Guild. Even as he rose to the office of Guildmaster, however, there was always a wariness between him and Postmistress Evelyn Miver, a tension that could not be explained by the public actions of either party.

Intelligence Reports

The spymaster looked through the latest reports, searching for clues to his foe's next move.

“Have established myself in Turtuga. Even her, it seems Slavo's agents are present. It's almost certain I'm being followed, and my contacts are being uncharacteristically silent. Even so, there's got to be something. We know Slavo's working with the pirates, the slippery bastard can't hide everything.”

“All is going to plan in the Guild. I have finally gained a position as Oleg's secretary, and my agents in the Sky Pirates tell me they'll soon spread the word I can be trusted. Hopefully soon we'll hear of his treason right from the horse's mouth.”

“This trade deal seems perfectly fair, and that's the most worrying thing. Why would the Sky Pirates want a deal that handed power over to the GPU. I must investigate more.”

Putting the papers down, the spymaster permitted himself a smile. Quickly dispatching letters of his own, Oleg felt a sense of satisfaction that everything was progressing well. Evelyn would have to try harder than this!

Funeral of a Guildmaster

From Chapter 20 of Oleg Slavo: Master Trader or Master Spy?

Though Oleg would serve as Guildmaster for the rest of his life, it became clear he grew tired of the job. Dealing with the chaos following the Turtugan was his crowning moment in enforcing security and good relationships between the two colonies, but seemed to take a great deal out of the portly Guildmaster. One of his regular sumptuous feasts proved somewhat too extravagant, as he was found the next morning dead of a heart attack. His funeral, hosted in great splendour in the Church of the Founders, was attended by the elite of every colony still around. You would think that Evelyn Minver, having waged a secret war of subterfuge over many decades with Oleg Slavo, would have been relieved by this development, but in truth it seemed to affect her greatly. It is possible she had grown to enjoy the challenge and the competition, and potentially it was realised that although the two spymasters had wildly different methods and principles, both were highly dedicated to strengthening the GPU and all its allies. Though by this point it is all speculation, we theorise that goign by the rapid flurry of Guild activity after his death and the stability following long after, Minver had taken the opportunity to take the best of Oleg Slavo's spy network, bringing it into her own to ensure that the GPU would always stay strong.

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