The New Dawn Party

The New Dawn Party is the first and at present only mass-popular, democratic, cross-clan Political Party in the Broken Worlds. Founded by its committed, energetic and ideological leader, Madison Bourne, the Party is fanatically loyal to the restoration of the “Original Vision” – the ideological and practical doctrine of the Founding Fathers. Amongst the Party, this has been interpreted as a commitment to:

  • Peace, Security and Unity amongst the clans;
  • The destruction of the evil and unwanted cancers of Corruption and Censorship and the removal of those who practice and support them;
  • The streamlining of administration through the establishment of a secular and independent Secretariat and the total removal of all such affairs from the Guild;
  • The formal establishment of a clear, open and effective governmental system that has at least some democratic elements; &
  • An unquestioned and zealous loyalty to the Union of Clans and a commitment to stand united side by side with others in the face of its adversaries whenever such extreme action is called for.

Practically speaking, many in the party have also admitted the need to include a written constitution of some sort, a written Declaration of Clan and Individual Rights, and the tacit relegation of the Guild to the still-important status of a Guild of Merchants and Inns only. Many have also started advocating the wisdom of admitting the faults of the Union to Unionists and Foreigners alike, arguing that facing and admitting the facts is the first step to healing the cancers and faults of the Union – faults which, they firmly believe, have led to much of the secessions from the Union and ones which must be openly and clearly healed for the secessionists to return and the outsiders to join the once-great Union of Clans.

Despite the radicalism of the party however, many within it maintain themselves to be conservative in the best and strictest sense, and the Party has successfully attracted massive support from across clans and races alike. This membership, and its establishment in the culture of both Human and Zwerginn, has given the party a powerful platform from which to launch its campaign of rallies, debates, conventions, forums, prosecutions and elections in the pursuit of the Original Vision, and more than one member of the Guild has either lost his career to Corruption and the Party’s investigations or been forced to admit, even privately, that the Party is steadily gaining ground.

Players: Madison Bourne - Chris L

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