Madam Imogene - Christi S

Madam Imogene is one of the Circus' more enigmatic members. Her fortune-telling always draws a crowd, and rumours abound about her true origin.

Clan: Circus


“We're not going to war with you. We're a travelling circus, not a country. Thing is, if you attack one of us then you attack the Circus. We don't declare war, we just turn up and kill you all. Which we'd rather not do, since we quite like you and enjoy your company.”

- Madame Imogene, explaining Realpolitik to 'Pope' Pineapple

Letters from the front

Day 1

Lord Stormwarden,

As per your instructions, we have decamped from the Earthborne outpost to O'Sheas Port of Hope. Transport was difficult, but made easier thanks to Circus elephants. Spirits are high. Hoping Bezeth's ability at killing is as good as Jill's at entertaining.

Day 5

Lord Stormwarden,

Still no sign of Union troops. We have garrisoned the port, but civilian transport continues unabated. Lady Imogene is investigating for Union subversion. Has uncovered covert notes suggesting an imminent invasion. Also reference some form of stealth force. Our own spies have confirmed.

Day 8

Lord Stormwarden,

We have engaged the enemy. Wilderness scout post annihilated by unknown force. Completely missing. Have sent troops to investigate along with Madame Imogene. No sign of Union invasion fleet yet, but their scouts must be here somewhere. Potentially Unity.

They/She will be dead before you read this letter.

Day 10

Lord Stormwarden,

Situation is dire. Troops have been attacked repeatedly attack. Now suspect something more fearsome than Union forces: Knight have been found murdered in the night in most terrible ways; Heads missing from bodies; Limbs torn off; One boy was cut right down the middle… Another seemed to have been turned inside out.

Lady Imogene and Bezeth are on constant watch, but cannot help when there is nothing to fight! Imogene seems to believe it is some kind of new superweapon. Our recon officer could not offer a second opinion as he is missing his face.

Please Advise.

Day 11

Lord Stormwarden,

Still no invasion, but whatever the Union has unleashed has terrified Port Hope. We are the only ones still here. Further disaster. Remaining knights can no longer summon their magics. Jill Sparks is trying to establish the cause. Seems to think it is some sort of electromagnetic interference. No clue how to rectify it.

Send reinforcements. Please.

Day 12


Why don't you respond?

There are only a few of us left now. Whatever hunts us is toying with us now. Have not slept in days. Bezeth has promised to deliver this letter personally. Help us. Please. Sir Simmony was found this morning spread across the courtyard like tree decorations. They took him while he was on guard duty. We didn't hear a thing.

Tell my wife I love her.


I can only pray the bitch doesn't find this letter.

Its them. Its been them all along. Why didn't we see it? She's known everything. When the guard changes. Where the key to the armory is. Where we sleep at night. We blindly trusted the fucking clowns.

Whats worse, its not Bezeth. Shes just watching the others do it. Like a mother wolf. They don't hide it anymore. I saw the mechanic blast a knight in two with some sort of gun. Worse I saw the witch open some sort of gate. I cannot describe what sorcery it was. She opened it right in front of Manfield. Then pushed his head in. Then

I don't think there is anyone else left. I think they're coming for me know. Whoever finds this letter please please please believe me when I say DO NOT TRUST THE CIRCUS!!!!!

These letters were found undelivered, in a neatly tied bundle, among the remains of the Circus.

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