Laan - Chris V

An explorer and adventurer of some renown.

Clan: Varuja


The Adventures of Laan: Laan Vs the Spider Queen

Centuries later, tales still rebound of Laan's heroic struggle against the spider hordes.

'So there he was, hanging over the misty void, pinned and stuck, hand and foot in the oily black web of the dread mechano spider demon Arachnolanski, tiny Bezlings were already crawling from their nests towards the adventurer, chittering excitedly at the thought of feasting on his brain.

'“Foolish Mortal!” it cackled. “Did you really think you stood a chance of defeating me? Me who has spun webs of pure destruction across the whole land? You were in my trap from the moment you were born! Now, you will be food for my children!”

'“Its not over yet demon!” Laan called back fearlessly. “I've been hunting your spawn for decades, and I've picked up more than one trick for just this situation!”. With that Laan tried to wrench a hand free and reach for his utility belt… but was stuck too fast to move an inch!

'“Eeee hee hee!” Squealed Arachnolanski “Even if you could reach your famous Spark Coil it would do you no good. I have said the magic words to make my children's skin immune to its magic!”

'“But are they immune to cold hard iron, monster?” Sang another voice, causing Arachnolanski to turn in surprise. There, silhouetted against the storms was the buxom figure of Valki, warrior priestess. Without a moment to spare she somersaulted onto a hanging strand and swung towards the trapped hero. Her iron blade easily sliced through the webbing as she caught Laan around the waist.

'“Hold on tight honey”, she said as they flew to the far ledge. “That spiders going to put a real 'spin' in this fight”

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