Koschei Kai Morlock - Tom K.


Koschei is dedicated to the pursuit of posthumanity, but the journalist spirit of his ancestors means that social inequalities and corruption don't sit very comfortably with him.

Clan: Clan Morlock


The Lingering Spirit

Even as he was cut down by his foes, the spirit of Koschei clung to the world, unable to pass on. The chaos and destruction he had caused in his short span on the world fed back on him, and wherever the spirit went, strife and discord were sure to follow. This was to have tragic consequences; the spirit of Red Roses, Koschei's patron and love in life, found that being haunted by ghost of chaos and discord was completely incompatible with being the spirit of motherly love and protection, and retreated into a self-imposed exile for the rest of her days.

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