Jill Sparks - Laura C


Jill Sparks works behind the stage of the Circus, constructing fascinating automata and devices to wow the crowd. Like many of the Circus, she ran away from the Fallen in order for a more peaceful life.

Clan: Circus


Johan Sedlak sat cross legged in the grass, feeling it tickle his back. A mere foot in front of him was the edge of Sedlak, and even sat down he felt nervous, like the mists would reach up and pluck him from the edge. The nearby goat, grazing on a a root hanging over the slope, did not feel the same compulsion. How he envied it.

He looked out at the slender iron spoke, stretching away to Forge Fathers, and felt it like a life line steady him. Below the fragment the mists sat calm and still. And above, were the storms.

He stared at them for a long time. He'd done this before. Regularly once a week sometimes for practise, sometimes for fun… but now it was his final exam, to see if he'd have 'Thaumic Storm Acolyte Class B' stamped on his final term paper, or instead the dreaded 'Retake'. This time it was important.

The whole class had been given the same question to ask of the storms. 'Where is the greatest source of flame?' A simple question, but one without a simple answer. The answers of all the class would be cross referenced, and those which were most alike would be deemed the most accurate, and recieve the highest marks. Stupid Bell Curve.

Johan only took the Storm Magic class as a secondary. He'd always been stormtouched, but didn't really care for it. Steam engines were his boat, or train rather and the Technical Engineering course had been a dream for him since he'd run away to take it… until he'd flunked advanced Geomechanics 101 so… explosively. Now the Storm Seers Insight course was his only hope at a passing grade.

Opening his eyes wide, Johan stretched out a hand and asked his question…

Madame Imogene, Jill Sparks, Bezeth, Madame Imogene, Jill Sparks, Bezeth, Welcome to the circus! Now performing across the multiverse for your pleasure! Introducing the amazing Bezeth, Queen of the spiders, twister of fates! Knife thrower, dragon tamer, king slayer! Take a trip to see the mysterious Madame Imogene and have your future laid out before you like so many colored stones! And see the spectacular stone generators of the amazing Jill Sparks! Lions, Tigers, Pocari, Disappearing Men, Iron Men, Tightropes, Immortals, Bearsharks, Storm Flux Creations, and so much more! All yours for a limited time only simply turn your eyes stormward to see a show that is literally OUT OF THIS WORLD! Now recruiting for a new lightning juggler after the last one… retired. This man could be you. Apply now to one of the few remaining portals to another dimension. Yes, this means you Johan Sedlak, don't think I can't see you there. Get your ass over to the City of Lights and into sub basement C and come do a real job. Hurry up because this Magna Sutra Generator is on its last legs and I've only got seven arms.

Johan blinked.

Well, Fuck.

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