Intaglio Deep - Adam Dinwoodle

Intaglio Deep is one of the Miners of Quartz’ best medics; slightly dozy, perhaps, and somewhat isolated from real life, but he seems well meaning enough.

Clan: clan_miners_of_quartz


Overheard in the Angel and Greyhound.

“That can't possibly be him.”

“That's what I thought, too. He's kind of short. And old. But that's him all right.”

“They say he can heal anything. That he's got powers beyond our wildest imaginations but he won't use them to hurt people because he cares so much.”

“Who's his friend?”

“Dunno. Came out of the City a while back - said the Spirit of Diamond had given him a break to go around with Intaglio spreading the Word of Amethyst. You know they're the biggest conglomoration of healers the world has ever seen. Nearly every clan's trying to sign up one of their kids for training with the Order of Amethyst.”

“I applied for the school on the City of Light. Didn't get in, but. Went to train Spirit Magic instead - and then I got in with these Tillermen characters, and now the Marshalls are after me asking questions about that gold what got pinched from the Inner Chambers.”

“You want to go talk to him? Ask him why you didn't get in?”

“Nah. Let's have a few more and then nick his wallet on the way out…”

The Spirit of Diamond explains what happened to the City

“Following the departure of Intaglio Deep, accompanied by the Spirit of Amethyst, for pastures new, the King of Ash and I were left to rule, aided by Clan Alonso. It made sense for the people of the City to join the New World, giving the City the stability it required by linking it into the steel network. With no further threat from the Spirit of Iron (whereabouts currently unknown) it seemed perfectly safe for the City to become part of the greatest fragment ever seen and so I relinquished power in favour of joining the City to the steel network…”

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