Hawthorne - Mark J


A retired veteran of the Legion, Hawthorne now spends his days instructing developing Stormtouched on the use of their powers, even now ensuring the Union's protection.

Clan: Storm Academy


As the New World Fragment continues to grow, Hawthorne puts considerable weight behind the formation of the new Glorious People's Union, the new power that arises from the conflict. As the population continues to grow with the expansion of the New World, the capacity of the Acadamies needs to be incresed, and Hawthorne puts through the reforms, that sees the establishment of a network of Acadamies not just for young stormtouch, but for all those who have a natural ability with magic.

Hawthone himself begins to fade from public life over time, with the recent loss of Catequill and Sarr, the dissapearance of Bezeth and Valk after the conflict with the Knights of the Storm, and the eventual untimly end of Anja, Hawthorne is the last of the Adventuring party. It is the Death of Anja that seems to throw him over the edge, as the last of those he had bonded to perished, that his sanity leaves him. Over come by grief he looses his mind, and is taken in by the order of Amethyst to be treated for insanity. He is quietly retired from the closed council, and is revered as a pinicle of Devotion.

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