Harkon Stormwarden - Dom S


Head of the Confederacy Academy of Purity and Inquisitor Rex of the Knights of the Storm, Harkon is a fearsome warrior. He is scarred both from his many battles and the repeated lightning strikes necessary for purity.

Clan: Knights of the Storm


Within the Storms I

As a bolt of lightning seems to hit the storms, it explodes into a shower of sparks. These seem to carry with them a message:

I am home. I have returned.

But there is something else, too. Something more… conceptual, something which is not inherently of the storms, but seems to fit in here. An unusual pattern that begins to propagate through the storms, in search of others like it, the others it leads and intends to find and gather once more…


“Sir, I have carried out the postmortem on the recovered body of Harkon Stormwarden as requested. He died from a large blast of the lightning he loved so much as we suspected. His body was a little… interesting. Some organs had been replaced with mechanical and clockwork versions, and his heart, although not a battery as suspected, was sewn together and encased within large plates of metal. We had some difficulty getting at it. As requested, we also had an expert Passion mage specialising in… ahem, possession take a look at the body. Interestingly enough, whilst the residual traces of the soul of Stormwarden were found, we could find nothing indicating anything else, be it a creature of the storms, the Black Lightning or the Necromancer of Neverdark as we were instructed to look for.” - Lieutenant Carlan, Legion of Unity

An Excerpt From "Repairing the World", by Saul Mope

…the role played by Harkon Stormwarden in this phase of our history. To those who consider his tale from all angles, it is one of some tragedy. Whilst, as discussed, external threats such as the Black Lightning proved to be a great uniting force to bring the world together, things like that were still threats, and once they were gone, what else could happen? That it was Harkon who ultimately slew the Black Lightning quite possibly proved to be his very downfall, as no longer did the colonies have so much reason to work together, and there were those who felt cheated out of being the one to finally deal with this threat. Thus instead they chose Harkon himself to replace it. Having interviewed the man myself at the time, I remain convinced that he was not quite as possessed as some people thought, at least before the incidents involving Neverdark and its Necromancer. Thus it seems perhaps a little unfair that he and ultimately much of the Confederacy that was not of the GPR were targeted largely because of this. In a way, however, perhaps Harkon's death can be seen as necessary, his body an effigy of all the things the Union sought to destroy as some great martyr to peace, so that…

Within the Storms II

High above the Broken World, the energy of the storms continues to surge. Within them, pulses of energy fly back and forth with incredible speed, and although there is no known protocol to interpret them, they seem to carry a message. Only one who could decipher them could then discover the fragments of information contained within…

We are free now… true purity… greatest force, pure and… others long lost but never forgotten… one with the storms… great leader to unite all in battle… truly the Warden of the Storms…

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