El Presidente - Thibault J


Inspirer of the masses, leader of the people, ideal and respected judge, honoured party secretary, engine of progress, patron of the arts, connoisseur of beauty and master of science. Living will of the proletariat, embodiment of the people’s desires. Wielder of Winning Rhetoric and guide to The People’s Strength. Friend to all sentients and bringer of the light of reason. Scourge of the Capitalist Pigs and defender of the weak. You may refer to him as El Presidente.

The absolute ruler of the People’s Glorious Benevolent Democratic Republic of the Citizens’ Magnificent Strength, El Presidente has a cult of personality unrivalled in the history of the Brokenworld. Somewhat naive, he hopes the rest of the world will eventually see the truth and join the Glorious People’s Republic.

Clan: The Glorious People’s Benevolent Democratic Republic of the Citizens’ Magnificent Strength


A Guided Tour of the People's Museum

“Good morning, comrades! Welcome to the Museum of our fine nation. Please respect the dignity of these relics dating all the way back to the founding, and keep magic to a minimum (Yes Billy, I'm aware you've just started releasing. Just try and hold it in and tell your teacher if you need to go outside). Now, if you'll follow me, we'll start with the El Presidente wing.”

”…born hundreds of years ago in the Union, his original name has been lost to history. We know from contemporary writings that he was a great speaker, and threw himself into the Union's bureaucracy. Even so he knew there was more to life, something that was realised when he found the People's Library.”

At this point the tour passes by a scale model of the Library before it was demolished by Takhai's geomancy, and replicas of some of the posters found within the library. They show happy, smiling people toiling in fields and factories, with slogans in some unintelligible language.

“Contained within its ancient walls were shelf after shelf of books, and El Presidente knew that he had found what he had always been looking for. Inspired by their messages of brotherhood, progress, reason, scientific advancement and the historical inevitability of the dialectic, El Presidente used his natural winning personality to spread the world, amassing a large group of followers who wished to live his dream of a better future. As they grew within the Union, however, it was clear that the rest of the Union did not appreciate his message. After a dispute over the Union's attempted conscripting of the Stormtouched members of the clan, the GPR decided to emigrate to the Confederacy, where their individuality would be respected.”

The group passes a preserved, ancient certificate, in which the O'Sheas accept the Glorious People's Republic as one of their sponsor clans, and agree to provide them representation.

“Once in the Confederacy, the historically inevitable dialectic proved irrepressible. It grew rapidly, not through the military conquest and subjugation practiced by lesser clans but through constantly providing a better standard of living than its neighbours. This was not well received by the rest of the Confederacy, but El Presidente was able to reason with all sides while providing great spectacles such as the People's Games, the original Fragment Races, and performances from the legendary Circus. Unfortunately the peace was not to last, as forces within the Confederacy strove for the destruction of both the Union and the GPR. El Presidente had prepared for this, thankfully, and led the Red Army to victory against all aggressors.”

There is a display of the martial implements favoured by the Red Army; simple swords and shields, flags, the harness and armour of the People's Strength, and, mounted in an ornamental display case, the Winning Rhetoric. This exhibit always seems to be the most popular with the boys of the class.

“It is a great tragedy that El Presidente was not able to see the world of peace he had created; cut down by a foul assassin, the GPR had to fend for itself at what was one of the greatest times of upheaval in its history. Thankfully, he had provided for us even then; following his will we adopted the constitution crafted by Evelyn Minver, shifting to governance by the People's Assembly and joining with the Union, to form the Glorious People's Union we are all comrades of to this day.”

The group passes the final exhibit; the embalmed body of El Presidente, immortalised by Comrade Ivan's science, lying in peaceful repose. The group falls silent as they file past the centuries-old corpse. Then the tour moves on, throughout the wings devoted to the Founders, the Closed Council, and Science and Natural History. Finally they leave, though many stop at the gift shop on the way (People's Flag for only 15PUB!)

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