Djared Crusius - Rich J

Dr Crusius is known as the Head of Weaponology in the College of Horizons. He as made a name for himself as being a blatant racist and having the social graces of a drunkard. He was taken off to the Storm Academy and trained into a potent Storm Mage. He is always willing to stand up and fight for the Union, and is always on military reserve.

Clan: The Forge Fathers


After the war with the Storm Knights Djared returns to the Lab where he continues with his weaponology development. Over his remaining years Djared continues to provide with the armed forces of the Glorious Peoples Union with new weapons for defending the Lands of the New World from those that would oppose its expansion. A few items of interest are Terminators, Kink bombs, Gatling cannons, Servo Harnesses.

After Djared dies at a ripe old age peacefully in his bed. People begin to sift through his papers, where they find all manner of weapons he never got round to building.

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