Comrade Maxim - James G

Most Diligent and Industrious People’s Secretary for the Discernment, Elucidation and Dissemination of the People’s Most Distinguished Truth, Trusted Advisor to the Beloved, Admirable and Just El Presidente on Matters Regarding Industry Construction and External Relations, and High Commissioner of our Glorious Nations Envoys to the Grand Biannual Convention of Clans.

What that comes down to is that Comrade Maxim is El Presidente's most trusted advisor and adjutant. He handles the day-to-day running of the People's Republic, and has a particular skill for overseeing the large-scale constructions, whether that be housing for the citizens of the Republic or impressive statues of El Presidente.

Clan: The Glorious People's Benevolent Democratic Republic of the Citizens Magnificent Strength

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