Psychologist's Report

Report by: Prof. Lyrell Trist, College of Horizons

Having analysed Ms. Spacepuny in some detail, it has become apparent that she has some potentially sociopathic tendencies and a somewhat limited mind which is incapable of appropriately judging right from wrong. Her attempt to hide behind the Knights of the Storm also indicates that she may acknowledge some wrong to her actions but refuse to accept or face up to it. At times her views can seem somewhat child-like, and thus it is possible that she is simply mentally a number of years behind, and may improve with time. Despite her being known to be a mist mage, I can find no evidence of any mist addlement affecting her thoughts, so until then it is recommended that she is kept in confinement and carefully observed, and also subsequently checked by trained specialists for any further signs of maturity and readiness to be released into society once more.

Found Beneath the Mists

Somewhere within the mists, explorers find what seems to be a page from a notebook.

…now finally get the recognition I deserve! Yes, I, Bull Fiat, shall finally become known around the College for my exploratory prowess as I successfully visit all of the locations in the mysterious list compiled by Clintina Spacepuny! Many have speculated what this list could mean and why each location should be visited in order, but there is definitely something to it… something deep and fundamental to the world, even. Finally I shall be the one to discover and experience first hand the truth, earned through toil and study to identify and locate all of the places described. Even as I write these notes I approach the final location, a miniature fragment which orbits one populated by bears. Now shall I at las-

At this point, the writing seems to simply stop half-way through a word.

Intermediate Natural Studies

“Now, class, who can identify this creature here?”

“A stick insect?”

“Yes, I think we all can see that it is a stick insect. Can anybody be more specific? No? Well, this is in fact an example of the 'Spacepuny Stick'. Nobody is quite certain why it has such a strange name, and there is some debate over its origin. This type of stick insect is unique within nature purely in terms of how incredibly stupid it is. They have often been known to die of starvation after falling for their own camouflage, coming to believe that they are, in fact, a stick, and thus have no need to eat. They are often fondly referred to as being 'as dumb as a stick'.”

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