Navigator Chtoth - Mark B

A Kar'Baldi and expert navigator hailing from the Crystal Collective, an anarcho-socialist commune of Kar'Baldi living on the underside of the City fragment.

Clan: Crystal Collective


The Correct Handling of Equatite, by Chtarl of the Crystal Collective

Wild Equatite is a very shy rock, though also rather curious. You will generally find herds of red-veined equatite geograzing in the less travelled areas of the void. The best time to approach is on a blue day, when the stone is most placid. Approach with caution however, for if you don't panic the whole herd you may instead attract their attention, and being rammed by an overly affectionate thousand pound lump of stone is likely to put a crimp in your day.

Once captured, equatite is quite easy to tame by careful handling and communion with its spark on a daily basis. Groom your rock as often as it will let you, and slowly get it used to human contact. A diet of Secondary Cycle contact, particularly from a spire on its third season, is best.

It is inadvisable to start chiselling a saddle into your companion until at least a year of contact has gone by. Even then, this delicate process should be handled by a professional Zwerginn from one of the major stables. A mistake could cripple your equatite's racing potential.

You can expect a good five years of competitive racing from a well trained equatite, and will find it as willing to race as you are to ride. However a score of seasons will take its toll on the True Neutral Inertial Impluse Effect, and it is advised to retire your steed before the downforce becomes too great and the creature becomes permanently grounded. The author reminds ambitious readers that the RSPCR can now take legitimate legal action against racers who run their Equatite into the ground.

A successful stone put out to stud can be expected to fetch as much as 50 PUBs. If you cannot find a buyer, the Temple of Allies will charge a flat 8 PUBs for anyone wishing to put equatite out to pasture on their fragment.

Remember: A rock is for life, not just for Tirthankersday.

The Crystal Collective

Chtoth was instrumental in proving the mega-fragment to be a safe and viable future for the GPC, and many years later convinced Ashborne of the City and Alonzo of the Other City to allow their joint colony to join the spokes.

The Crystal Collective, based on their representative success in the first Inter Colony all Vehicle Sky Race, became the forefront in geomantic and transport science. As more fragments were joined to the mega-fragment, their time was in high demand to keep the structure stable and ennervated. Every member of the clan was accoladed for their part to world harmony.

While lucrative and successful they focused more each years on the field of fragment racing.

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