Catequil of the Tirthankar - Peter M.

Catequil, or “Quill” to those who know him is a Fallen machinist who is known to spend his time travelling the fragments in search of relics left by the Ascended Old Ones such as Morlock and Vesperi. He is known to have contact with the Union, which is considered “eccentric” by some. His bodily modifications are both subtler than many of his fellow Machinists and yet perhaps more profoundly alien, for whilst he lacks the crude metallic arms, or the unrefined and rudimentary wings, the sub-dermal plating, he has metal rods, powered by an internal boiler which provide great strength. Indeed, periodically, Quill is seen emitting steam, or ingesting coal. Nonetheless, despite his devotion to bodily modification he is considered to have somewhat untraditional views on Transcendence as was known to have gravely offended a senior Beastman once.

Clan: The Tirthankar

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