Bezeth - Frances H

A beastman who ran away from the Fallen to join the Circus, Bezeth is quite an attraction for the Circus, with her four arms and knife tricks. Whatever you do, however, don't join in her games.

Clan: Circus


“Father! Father!” The children clamour. “Tell us again the story of the Circus”

The old man continues to stare out of the window, the Fields of Flame rippling from convection. One by one, the children fall quite. When the room is in complete silence, he turns his one remaining eye to face them. Lightning crackles from the empty socket.

“The battle had been going badly” He starts in the middle, but they've all heard the tale a thousand times. “We had just lost control of the pass into Um'Dal. Our enemies were closing in on us. There were only threescore and ten of us to hold a castle that in the old days would have housed half a thousand. They laid siege for two weeks before finally trying to assault our gates. We thought we were lost.

“That's when they showed up. In our time of greatest need, they showed up. A great tear in space opened up in the bailey as the enemy battered down our gates. Out of this otherworldly opening poured out the gods: Madam Imogene, the Blind Reaper, Jill Sparks, mistress of reality, Bezeth of Knives, Valk the Shadow, Ursus, Linda, and the others.

“They came, flanked by a thousand colours, and lay into our enemy, driving them back. I still remember their battle cries now”

The priest's throat struggles to accomodate the strange sounds. Even after a lifetime of study, he is no closer to understanding the language of the gods:

“Ow deer, wut's goin' on 'ere?” He struggles to imitate the voices that turned him from a soldier into a prophet. “Anuder purrfeckt plais for owr showe”

“Our enemy was driven away under the force of their assault. They were brutal. The great Bezeth's shout of “Jill, dangit, te cooil fird off agin, aye tink soem ar hurt” resonated through the keep, driving us onwards, inspiring us to shatter the enemy. As they fled, broken, Imogene shouted “eenywon fed te lyeons yet?”

“The magnificence of the gods was overwhelming. Colours I'd never seen before, beasts, and constructions that defied the imagination. They did not stay long. The gods had done their part in this conflict. With the keep still in our posession, we were able to regroup and go on to defeat our enemy. But I swore then and there that I would forever worship these magnificent beings, who saved us all from certain death.”

The priest moves his hand down to the holy book. Never far from it, he has spent his life trying to decode its hidden meanings, the subleties of the text, the wisdom that came from the Gods, handed down to him personally by Bezeth. He has not been able to figure it out yet, but the cover reads: “The Collected Plays of the Circus, coming soon to a Universe near you!”

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