Bergholt Stuttley - David Holley

An incompetent inventor originally from the O'Sheas; he blew up a laboratory and was taken by the Knights of the Storm before he could be taken to task.

Clan: Knights of the Storm


Transcript of Interview with Bergholt Stuttley

Time: 21:03 Present: Lieutenant Carlan, Bergholt Stuttley

Lieutenant Carlan: Are you awake?
Bergholt Stuttley: A… awake…
Carlan: Can you hear me?
Stuttley: Hear… I… I am… hive…?
Carlan: No, you are Bergholt Stuttley.
Stuttley: Ber… Ber… Bergholt.
Carlan: That's right, welcome back.
Stuttley: B… back?
Carlan: You've been unconscious for months now. We weren't sure if you were actually still alive.
Stuttley: Alive… alive… human. I am… hive. Human hive. Must… make more.
Carlan: No, no, Bergholt, you are just human. Come on, you have to try to remember.
Stuttley: Remember… r… remember… remember remember… hive. Human. H… h… h…
Carlan: Come on Bergholt, stay with me… Bergholt? Bergholt!

Interview terminated at 21:06.

Hive Status

Mode: Procedure delta 7

Time since creation: 131
Number of units: 24

Time since creation: 3,617
Number of units: 641

Time since creation: 15,941,631
Number of units: 1,924

Time since creation: 22,658,325
Number of units: 6,317

Time since creation: 25,418,823
Number of units: 5,126

Time since creation: 27,964,258
Number of units: 5,023

Time since creation: 28,841,027
Number of units: 6,182

Time since creation: 33,003,124
Number of units: 3,312

Time since creation: 36,415,821
Number of units: 1,825

Time since creation: 38,104,572
Number of units: 412

Time since creation: 41,410,175
Number of units: 87

Time since creation: 41,421,090
Mode set to: Procedure omega 3

Excerpts From "Repairing the World", by Saul Mope

…almost some irony in the entity known as “Hive” arising from the Confederacy and indeed the Knights of the Storm at about the time Harkon Stormwarden spoke out against the Union and how they were all alike and in the habit of assimilating others. But it soon became apparent that this was something even the Knights did not agree with, and seemingly the feeling was mutual…

…effectively another war, this time against Hive, as its spiders continued to multiply even without the human that created them. All across the world their replication took valuable materials and resources and depleted them, leaving fragments and structures unstable…

…ultimately, the only way was to create something alike using the new Artificial Intelligence system and have it specifically target and destroy them, although even now at the time of writing there are spiders left around the known world, lurking inactive in corners. Sometimes, it is hard to tell even which side they belong to, and whether they will ever activate once more…

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