Anja Sedlak - Vicky

Anja arrived a few months back claiming to be a daughter of Union founder, Raijin Sedlak, who was thought to be lost to the mists many years ago. There are some within the Union who view her story with incredulity, seen as she seems not to have aged a day since her disappearance. Physically she appears to be a rather attractive, athletic twenty year old, with something of the Sedlak look about her, having inherited her father's dark eyes and hair. She has a keen interest in adventuring and is perhaps one of the more outgoing members of the College of Horizons, specialising in particular in ancient relics.

Clan: Clan Watson



Anja continues her research into rune magic and seek to gain a better control over it. She continues Catequill's legacy by strengthening the things he created through getting people together through hardship, and promoting projects of cooperation. She continues searching for more temples and remnants of our past.


Over the next few years provide Kopeck with two more children (a girl and another boy). They settle down in a house with its white picket fence and with their pet tortoise (inherited from Catequil).

Lenin grows up to be much like his father and eventually join the military and settle down with a wife and children. Enki, though, is very much his mother's son, being free spirited and inconsistent. His restless nature inevitably leads him to loggerheads on more than one occassion with his father although Kopeck, is a good father and quick to forgive. He grows with a thirst for adventure, occassionally running off to explore the world and will give his parents several illegitimate grandchildren.

Eventual Demise

Some twenty years on from the end of last temple session Anja uncovers a new set of ruins to be unearthed. Although now in her mid-forties she has aged slowly, not looking much over the age of thirty, perhaps her unnatural origins having some influence in this. Excited by the prospect of fresh discovery she journeys to the Halls to have the project blessed. The excavation is long and hard, however, but her perserverance drives her onwards. That is until an unstable bit of scaffolding collapses, impaling her with a shard of metal. The now young man, Enki, runs off to find his father and bring him to her. As she bleeds, Kopeck takes her in his arms and she struggling utters:

“Kopeck, I'm so glad you're here. I'm sorry, it's too late, nothing to do now but let it be. Before I go you must know something. I'm so happy to have known you. You and all the others. Valk, Quill, Bezeth, Sarr, Hawthorne and the rest of them, most of them all gone now, but I'm so happy to have known you all. And I'm glad to have loved you. I'm glad to have known what it was like to be really human.”

And with that she gives up her last breath and dies in her lover's arms.

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